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ICD-ST terms are visually represented below.

The map shown below represents the first visual mapping of the ICD-ST terminology set to serve as a starting point for defining visual borders for Surface Topography terms included in ICD-11. These borders may be refined over time.

The Surface Topography lexicon represented here on AnatomyMapper.com, and labeled as “ICD-ST” served as the reference framework for developing Surface Topography included in the International Classification of Diseases, 11th Revision (ICD-11). “ICD-ST” represented on AnatomyMapper.com is labeled as such with permission and license from the World Health Organization. Other commercial entities may require a license to use ICD-11 terminology as set forth by the World Health Organization’s licensing policies and procedures.

ICD-ST Surface Topography Map

ClitorisRight lower cheekDorsum of right footDistal phalanx of left middle fingerLower inner quadrant of right breastLower inner quadrant of left breastLeft Inframammary flexureRight Inframammary flexureRight retroauricular sulcusLeft retroauricular sulcusLeft distal interphalangeal joint of third toe

Copyright © 2009- by Matt Molenda, MD.

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